Winyl Gel is a cleaner for vinyl records developed for Chemist and Collectors. It performs a film cleaning system ensuring a professional result, getting to the deepest groove trapping and extracting stubborn dirt

Winyl Gel Bottle

Winyl Gel is composed for 2 synthetic polymers, non ionic surfactants, antistatic agents, wetting agents, cleaners, conserving agents and more to obtain the best results.

All its components have been designed and tested to don´t change the vinyl surface. It can be used in the same disc over and over without damage.


It is as effective as a vacuum machine but with a lower cost. Each vinyl record needs a different cleaning depending on the type of dirt and the user requirements.

Winyl Gel extracts the stubborn dirt, it does not move it. Also, its cleaning system does not produce any friction or wear on the vinyl surface. You will discover if the annoying sound was caused by dirt or from usage with the turntable needle.

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How does it work?

Apply the gel and press slightly to let it penetrate into the vinyl grooves. Let it dry, the gel will become a film covering the record surface. Extract the film, dirt will be removed with it. Our vinyl record will sound much better than before.

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Why use it?

Winyl Gel removes the dirt and dust that causes unexpected noises, clicks and pops. It takes away the troublesome static electricity accumulated on the surface. The film cleans the most difficult areas such as the groove sides, improving the low and high frequencies. The final result is a clear and faithful reproduction and a fine listening experience in High Fidelity.

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Pictures from extracted film

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Extracted film Winyl RC
Extracted film Winyl RC
Extracted film Winyl RC