Discover the Winyl cleaning gel system. In 4 steps your vinyl records will be recovering a brilliant and pure sound

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Dosification Winyl Cleaner
Application Winyl Cleaner
Drying Winyl Cleaner
Extraction Winyl Cleaner

The recommended amount for a 12" LP is 15 ml. With the help of a syringe dispense the liquid in zig-zag evenly across the record surface. For 7" the amount is 6 ml.

Place a piece of paper over the liquid, half of it inside the vinyl and the other half outside. Let it dry. Drying time depends on temperature and humidity.


Slowly pull the paper to remove the film. It should be removed in a single piece. The record will have been cleaned and offering its best sound.

Winyl Gel is supplied

in bottles of 360 ml. 

with 2 dose dispensers

and the User's Guide

Use your finger and making slight pressure distribute the liquid homogeneously. Ensure that the entire surface is covered except the edges.

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